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Step Into Results “the Executive Coaches” with offices in Tampa and Ft Lauderdale, was established to provide people in business (any kind of business) with creative and innovative ways of thinking in their approach to their work. The primary commitment of Step Into Results is to leave its clients with the tools necessary to sustain new styles of communication that impact bottom-line business results.

These results show up not only in the workplace but in people’s lives. The men and women who Coach for Step Into Results bring a high level of enthusiasm and experience to the people they serve. Our Coaches have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Step Into Results' distinguished list of clients includes: Chase Manhattan Bank, Pepsi Americas, British American Tobacco Company, The Mike Ferry Organization and many others Please see the list below of distinguished clients our coaches have worked with.

Step Into Results works with top leadership and all levels of personnel to understand the stronghold that is driving the current results of your company. Having a better understanding of this dynamic brings about new ways of thinking, action and change that impact the overall performance of teams where accountability and responsibility become the norm.



Meet Carlos G. Pundik, MCC
Personal Development and Business Coach
Founder & CEO, Step Into Results, LLC

Carlos has over eighteen years of experience as an internationally recognized personal development and business coach. Carlos has led public and private coaching programs in English and Spanish throughout North America, Latin America, The United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

A graduate of the New School for Social Research in New York City, Carlos has dedicated the majority of his career to coaching individuals, corporate executives, groups and high performance teams. In addition, Carlos has received numerous awards, certifications and leadership accolades in Personal Development and Business Coaching from world renowned Institutions and training organizations.

The types of industries and companies that Carlos has had the privilege to work with include: Commercial Air Travel, Investment Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Distribution, Telecommunications, Real Estate Brokerage firms, Law firms and Non Profit Organizations. Carlos has helped individuals and companies around the world to realize and fulfill their immediate goals and long range visions. His distinctive style and approach to coaching are what have made his engagements so unique, fun and exciting for his participants.

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"I love people... There is nothing I relish more than seeing someone succeed as a direct result of my coaching.

This is the best acknowledgement anyone can ever experience."

Carlos G.Pundik






"I am inspired by people who choose to step out of their comfort zones, and create a new future for themselves.


I am all about people winning."

Allyn C. Goldstein

Meet Allyn C. Goldstein
Personal Development and Business Coach

As a business entrepreneur, Allyn has been involved in all phases of the business cycle, from start-up to the sale of on-going enterprises. He has twenty-five years experience in retail management, financing, marketing, real estate investments and sales.

After more than twenty-five years of ontological study of the nature of human beings, Allyn provides expertise in coaching individuals and businesses to realize their immediate goals and long range visions. As a master organizer he is an expert in partnership team building
and global leadership training.

Allyn has a degree in Business Management, and holds both Real Estate and
Mortgage Broker's licenses.




Meet Rosalyn Kaplus
Business Strategist / Coach

Rozi, a published creative writer and lifelong learner, coaches others in fulfilling their vision of growth and development. As an art teacher in the school system, board of trustee member of a private day school and guardian ad litem for the courts, she empowers individuals and organizations to clarify their purpose and achieve their goals of success with ease.

She brings a constant enthusiasm and curiosity to lead others in transforming their lives, reaching their highest potential.

Rosalyn holds a Bachelor of Education degree and held various management positions.

Step Into Results is proud to have Rosalyn join our team of coaches.


"I enjoy being able to inspire people
to transform their lives to achieve

real fulfillment."

- Rosalyn Kaplus




Coach Carlos Pundik
On the Joys of Coaching

Up Front and Personal with Master Coach Carlos Pundik
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Companies our Coaches have Worked with...


U.S. Companies


International Companies


Ritz Carlton Hotel Company
Chase Manhattan Bank
Chase Mortgage Corporation
Children’s Home Society
The Mike Ferry Organization
Tessi Garcia & Associcates
Borges & Associates, AIA
CMJ Group Co.
Wimbish Realty


Appleton Estates
Globe Insurance
Lasdiv-Lascelles de Mercado Group
British American Tobacco Company
Inner City Youth Advisory Council
Pepsi Americas Caribbean
Nemwil Insurance
J. Wray & Nephew Ltd.





Step Into - The Executive Coaches

Carlos Pundik, YB12 Coach

Carlos Pundik, MCC

Personal Development
and Business Coach

Master Certified Coach
YB12 Coach


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